now is the right time to leave facebook

For many years, I had a facebook account and I loved posting photos of my children and things about myself so people could keep in touch with me, even without interactions other than a like under my posts. I felt happy about it.

Today I feel that I am sharing much more than I know about people. I barely know anything about the life of my contacts. I feel weird, and a bit sad about it. It makes me feel that I am obviously using facebook the wrong way, and that it’s not my « good place » anymore.

I will deactivate my account, and I hope people will have read my last message before then (with a bit of luck, some of them subscribed to my account and will be notified). I will not delete it, because very selfishly, I like to go sometimes through the old memories, and remember things I only shared there.

I’ve had a happy time there and I sometimes found it very comforting, but life changes. Hardest thing will be not watching likes or comments below. Worst scenario ? « Hey guys, I’m leaving ! – 27 people like it. … oh dear

If you want to stay connected, I have lots (or way too much, I’m afraid) of other social network accounts.

You can follow me on Twitter. I do not post personal things about myself there, but my (re)tweets tell a lot about how I am feeling at that moment.

I also have an Instagram account where I define myself as « knitter and citroënist ». If you are not into yarn or cars, you may not find anything interesting in it

For professional network, I have a LinkedIn profile.

I like to write stories about myself, about readings, life, and even some tales, on my personal blog. I do not want to share it on facebook but if you care, you can ask me about it

You can also stay in touch by e-mail, or even (what a strange idea !) give me a phone call.