what if…

what if your company’s name literally meant « I am fine » but you don’t feel fine at all ?

what if you constantly felt depreciated, harrassed, injustly treated, even if you know that it came from people well known for their incompetence ?

and what if, apart from that, you were in a great team with competent, motivated and loyal people, managed by a even greater team leader, thoughtful and knowing how to challenge and motivate people ?

problem is, you should never tell someone depressed just to « see things the other way ». Depression is made of so much negative and bad feelings about oneself, that the only thing one feels, above all other things, is the guilt of not being capable to beat the odds.

i still do not know how to tell if it’s brave or being a coward, running away from an unhealthy environment. People will tell you that you should not turn your back on this situation and that you will always find toxic or incompetent people in your way.

and what if… i took a chance ?