see you later alligator

– do you want to come and stay in our island? It’s lovely. Grass is green, people are nice and we have chocolate.

– sure, it seems so cosy. I love chocolate. What’s on the other side of the sea?

– that’s the land of the Projects. It’s great but difficult to get there. See? There are a lot of alligators.

– I’m not afraid of alligators, I have seen some alligators before, and much more dangerous. I want to try.

– you can try. I will watch over you.

– fork, some alligator bite me, it hurts. Not cool. Can I stay with you on the island and try again later?

– sure. You know, it’s not the only way, you can also sail over other seas with nice dolphins.

– I really want to go this way because I know that I will be able to do some great things there. But some alligator bite me again. I’m really hurt. What should I do?

– you can stay with us, we created a nice cocoon here, people feel good and everyone loves you. If one alligator crosses the border, it will find me on its way and I’ll bite it right away.

– I feel so loved and valued. Yet, I think it’s not right for me to stay in a cocoon. I deserve to have the right to sail freely. I don’t want to be defined as a victim of alligators.

– we don’t see you as a victim. Forget about alligators, they aren’t worth it. The cocoon is really a safe place, and it needs you. You can tell me whatever you need to feel better. Do you want me to sing a serenade?

– owww I love serenades. You know I really feel good in the cocoon. But seeing these alligators attacking people without any consequences is unfair. Not being able to help and change things is very hard for me. I am sorry to hurt you and leave everyone behind, but do you mind if I go to another island so I can try it a different way?


Inspiration comes from this song:  Papooz – Ulysses and the Sea